Live VibeLife. What does that even mean?!

vibelife!Living VibeLife is to live truly as you were meant to. It is to have your dreams, goals, desire all in alignment with your heart. It is to push yourself out of a world of comfort. It is to let go of the fear, the what ifs, the security of what is known, and take a leap of faith into what can be.

To live VibeLife is to take chances. It is to make all your actions bold, brave and believe in their beauty. It is to accept what comes & promise yourself growth no matter how painful the lesson.

Living Vibelife is identifying, facing and then doing what terrifies you. It is stepping away from the norm. It is a desire to deepen your understanding of self and others.

To live VibeLife is to say Yes to adventures, whether they be environmental, physical or emotional. Saying yes opens doors to a world you deserve & maybe unknowingly crave to be part of.

1480656_10152138109565622_590591106_nAfter decades battling chronic illness, what bothered me most was losing my freedom and independence to the world of health care.  Sure, the pain, symptoms and diseases themselves are totally unwanted, but they are here for the long haul (unless you are coming up with a cure & if so, call me stat). But I was told exactly what to do, when to do, how much, and to top it off, what was valued enough to cover by health insurance. My life I learned, wasn’t.

I hated that my dreams seemed impossible with my realities. I felt hopeless that I could ever get to do what I thought I deserved to do. I was angry that others just picked a path and walked it with little to no effort. I was sad that everyone else’s lives moved on yet mine didn’t.

One day when we were doing my health care proxy/will, all I could think of was how absolutely devastating it was that we live our lives to protect our hearts from being hurt, from taking risks because doing what we already know is working so why rock the boat. Yet here I was being asked by everyone, are you going to do anything on your bucket list?

Instantly I was consumed by a flood of emotions.  Why do we wait till the end is near if a bucket list is our wish list for when we are alive.  Truly living.

Fromblog-takingtheleap that moment on, it became my obsession. I wanted to leave a city I knew so well, say goodbye to the friends that offered me comfort & have an agenda that only every second as it occurred would know. I wanted to answer to nobody, have no appointments to go to. I wanted to remind myself that my life had a purpose. I wasn’t just Katie who was sick or Katie who was (insert what you know about me here). I wasn’t my stories. I wasn’t my circumstances. I was Katie who loved so fully it was impossible to hide it.

How was all this possible? With medical bills constantly on the rise, money  is an issue. So traveling had to be sensible. Luckily I have the parents that I do. My dad came to my rescue. He had a vision to help make my bucket list a reality. Months later I took off in my 2005 Pontiac Vibe into the next chapter of my life: VibeLife.