Book me for speaking events!

39863_416702048090_1217924_nI am so excited to come share my journey, experience, wisdom and growth with you today.

When you bring me in to speak, you are not getting your average speaker.  There are millions available out there who are informative, offering you factual information and thats it.  There are speakers of motivation and inspiration that will make you leave the experience feeling alive, but that often fades, as you aren’t given any tools on “What do I do with this energy and aliveness?”

I bring to the table a perfect balance of transparent truth, transformational speaking and it is all wrapped up in a package of my unique charm and comedic persona.

Transformational speaking is the style I come alive for.  It stirs up everything within you.  It causes you to face the light and the darkness; to see the power and lessons in both. It makes you face everything within to work through, and rise above on the other side. I join all my clients and audiences for this experience.

We open our hearts, minds and souls together.