A Letter To My Body

A Love Story Over Time Hey! Umm, Hello There, Errr, That doesn’t feel right either. Long time no talk…well this isn’t true, since historically speaking (hopefully), I berated you constantly, I guess its a form of talking… Let me try again…Good Morning, I think that might work. At least it’s direct & honest. That is the only point of this … Read More

Carrot Melon Ginger

People always ask for recipes:  I know there are plenty of recipes, I have many books of them. But sometimes what I find is, listening to my body and its cravings and buying those ingredients is best. I do a green juice once a day, and for another meal I do one sweetened up with apples or clementines. Sometimes I just toss … Read More

Juicing To Live

The Life Saver For Me Nobody knows your body, like you. I mean hell, think about how much time you spend shopping to make sure clothing fits, shoes are comfortable and your new haircut is visually pleasing. Why the hell don’t we spend that much time finding a perfect doctor. I used to believe that getting well meant going to a … Read More

And She Leaps!

Feed my greatest desires while overcoming my fears.  Get my career back in the performing arts.  Become Alive again.  I need to let go of all that is safe & leap into the unknown… I have always known the amazing quality my parents brought to my life.  They loved my sister & me endlessly.  They only wanted to do the very … Read More

On My Own

“If you had to name the most uncomfortable situation you could experience, what would it be?” I love gathering with friends, sharing conversations & memories.  But never did one sentence make me constantly crave to go deeper within myself to find the honest answer. When the above question was asked, I gave a perfectly acceptable answer. It’s funny how when … Read More