katielovebombKatie exudes an energy that can leave you breathless, your heart beating, reconsidering your boundaries, fears and capabilities. She harnesses the positive energies of the world and radiates them back to the people she meets. Her life force to people is what light is to plants.

She traveled the US firstly on a tour as a performer, then years later after battling chronic illness and losing a loved one to suicide, in a Pontiac Vibe. Alone, re-centering herself and her world. Both journeys resulted in laughter and positivity and changed the lives of all who paused in their busy lives who paused to get to know the girl with the wide smile and pigtails.

Now, she is focusing her drive on life coaching and motivational speaking. She also has passion for working with children, social emotional intelligence work, raising awareness about suicide prevention, and is embarking on a journey to write her first book.

She laughs from her belly, loves with all her soul, lives life as though every moment is a gift, and faces her fears with steel determination.

Katie is never happier than when walking upon red rock, or listening to the ocean. She loves the outdoors, but wishes such activities were more suited to having her fingernails painted pretty colors.

Katie’s Battle With Chronic Illness

Most of my life it often felt like I was living two lives.  I was a performer in theatre and comedy.  Loving my time on stage and feeling most alive while sharing stories of characters on stage.  Diving deep into the souls and depths of every script I was handed.  And creating characters on the spot with show after show in improvisation.

1797479_10152183169355622_1727557582_nWhile living this life, I also was a full time chronic illness patient.  I have a paralyzed digestive system. I have had organs fail and almost take my life.  I have over two decades lost the ability to digest or eat. Sometimes to just barely even function.  Absorption of nutrients a daily struggle. My body has had major surgeries and adjusted to living with a few less major organs.  The chronic pain and condition in combination with being an invisible disease has been both a blessing and a curse.

I have experienced so much pain and judgement from getting a disease nobody knew about when I was diagnosed and being treated as if I was self creating insane physical aliments, to having no control over a body and feeling the weight of the world and feeling like a completely unlovable burden.

But through the power of falling in love with characters and realizing the depth they had, and the growth they experienced during a story I often acted out, I discovered that there is so much more purpose to our pain.

I took a look at what I loved about performing and decided It was my time to create my own best life.

My love of sharing a story and the gift of honest truths and finding purpose in our pain, led me to share every aspect of my life fully and to give you all the tools and techniques I learned the hard way to find acceptance, self love, worth, motivation, hope, healthy minds despite unhealthy bodies and much more.

Join me in a journey into the realization that our darkest places  offer so much growth and our brightest moments allow us time to breathe.