Juicing To Live

The Life Saver For Me

Nobody knows your body, like you.
I mean hell, think about how much time you spend shopping to make sure clothing fits, shoes are comfortable and your new haircut is visually pleasing.
Why the hell don’t we spend that much time finding a perfect doctor.
I used to believe that getting well meant going to a doctor for answers. I used to believe that doctors truly knew better than I did because they were the “educated” ones. I would take the first appointment I could get, with whoever was covered by my insurance. I saw many doctors from a very prestigious hospital. When I realized that my body had started to shut down and that I wasn’t going to make it, I found my voice.
I challenged their thinking, I challenged their diagnosis, I challenged their medication options and their treatment plans. Many Doctors don’t want us to have a voice, to challenge their opinions. My medical files were labeled “Defiant and Difficult”. If I didn’t challenge the doctors I was seeing at that time of my life I wouldn’t be here today.

Accept fate or create your own!

I found my voice and used it to own my health, to own my life and my future. I took hold of my life because I realized that feeling sorry for myself because of my illnesses was causing me too much negativity and frustration. Since then I have taken part in many medical treatment options as well as holistic practices. I am confident saying that nothing, NOTHING, has offered me the physical healing, mental healing and emotional healing that Juicing has offered me.
The comfort and the peace of mind that I have experienced is absolutely the best thing that has happened to me. It has been THE LIFE SAVER FOR ME. I have been juicing on and off since 2005 but I have became a hard core juicer after watching Crazysexycancer (Documentary) and was able to witness the benefits juicing had for patient Kris Carr.
I knew this would be a big change for me and it was socially not the norm. In 2006 I was lucky enough to have parents who believed that I knew what my body needed. They gave me a gift, the Breville Juicer, something I desperately wanted. I had done a lot of research and knew that this juicer would extract the most pulp. This being a main concern when trying to eliminate digestion work & fiber. I juice all my meals now.
Before juicing I lived off NG tube feedings, unnatural meal replacements made up of chemicals. They were inconvenient and everything I was taking in made me feel worse. I felt sluggish, tired, and lethargic. I started listening to the cues my body gave and began to connect the dots. I promised myself to be patient while I tried to find a healthier alternative.
Overtime I discovered that while juicing, I look better, feel better and have a healthier body. My blood work comes back perfect, my weight went up, I am active, my mind is clear, the bloating is far less. My body cannot handle anything else. Do I slip up, sure I am human, but I work hard at not getting angry with myself, I let it go, and move on.
The natural route is absolutely the one that needs to be taken if you have any desire to live normal and own you own life.  I create the chapters of my life, not my illness. And I am so excited for all the pages I have yet to write ahead.

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  1. Karen aka Lola Karen

    I.LOVE.THIS. I keep thinking, Karen ya gotta get a juicer!!! I cannot get the one of my dreams right now, but I AM going to. xoxo Keep up the great work, gorgeous!

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