Carrot Melon Ginger

People always ask for recipes:  I know there are plenty of recipes, I have many books of them. But sometimes what I find is, listening to my body and its cravings and buying those ingredients is best. I do a green juice once a day, and for another meal I do one sweetened up with apples or clementines. Sometimes I just toss any and all into the juicer and hope for the best. Some of the best juices were mistakes or left over combos. I am always willing to share my experiences and stories with anyone who wants to listen to help us all heal.

These are not my favorite recipes however, they are GINGER based ones. Sometimes the only thing to help you work through a flare up/episode.
I also make ice cube ginger combos to suck on for the summer. I have a tough time wanting to put ginger into any drink but I know the physical response from my body is well worth it.  I am lucky sometimes I split my juice with ginger loving friends and it helps make it enjoyable.
1 Carrot
1/2 Honey Dew Melon
1 Lime
1 inch cube Fresh Ginger Root
3 carrots
2 large celery sticks
1 inch cube Ginger Root
1 tbs spirulina
(1/2 fennel build small) I don’t use this but it was listed.
Peaceful Greenz
1/4 lb broc
1/4 kale
1/2 parsley
2 apples (fuji I love most)
Celery sticks (more for more juice quantity)

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